Product Overview

There is a great potential for energy savings in Industries and this need drives the interest for Energy Conservation. As prices of raw materials and finished goods are increasingly dictated by the global markets, so what remain within control is conversion costs, in which energy costs have the greatest opportunity for cost reduction.

Many Industries in India have been using Liquid and Solid fuels as their primary energy source. For the last 16 years, we have consistently aimed to transform many industries from these conventional fuels to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This has helped them not only to improve their operational profits, but also made them contribute towards the cleaner and greener environment. We have delivered end to end solutions for such projects successfully.

LPG today occupies a larger pie of the fuel mix in process industries and is further gaining popularity because of its unmatched advantages. However, making the fuel switch and installing the LPG storage system cannot ensure high efficiencies of the Burners or heating equipment. combination of efficient and Next Generation vaporization technology, well designed Gas train, utilizing LPG - combined with best combustion system, plays a significant role in improving overall efficiencies and reliability of any plant.

LPG Vaporizer is vital to ensure productivity and is the heart of any LPG storage facility. Our business focuses precisely on improving the vaporizer efficiencies and enabling customer improvement on productivity and quality of their end products.

These vaporizers which are tailored to meet customer specific requirements and solving their problems of heavy hydro carbon removal, frequent electric heater failure, breakdowns because of old age technologies which causes production loss, burner gas train and combustion head chock up issues.

We continuously work on research and development of Gas engineering, which contributes to safe LPG use, Energy Saving and CO2 emission reduction which ultimately helps to reduce Global Warming.

We offer the complete range of LPG vaporizersfrom small 20 kg/hour electric vaporizers and compact packaged systems to large fully engineered and integrated utility systems.

LIQUIGAS has the resources and products to provide the solution for your each every energy challenge.

These products have been engineered by most respected designers from IIT Mumbai and leaders in Gas Engineering Company having experience of more than 16 years in the field of LPG and Thermal Engineering.

We are also developing many new products in this segment which will bring revolutionary change in this field. We are market leaders due to our strong engineering and design background and shall remain on top with our renewed focus on R&D.

Our other products like mono block and duel block Burners, Gas trains, Safety valves, Boilers and Heaters enable us to deliver the right quality of combustible LPG at point of use. For high purity LPG, which needs in pharmaceutical, automobiles and food industries, we offer the complete range of clean and safe products meeting the international guidelines.

We also undertake Energy audits for Gas and Thermal Engineering.

With our knowledge and experience, we build and supply engineered systems like pressure reducing stations, Skid based Vaporizer system, LPG manifold, PLC based gas monitoring systems and compact LPG storage systems for quick fix with a plug and play concept.

Our innovations of tomorrow, like directly heated electrical vaporizer, heater lessvaporizer, Solar based, air heated and PLC /SCADA based for monitoring the health and safety of entire LPG system, enable us to bring the next practices in technology to our customers.

Hands on experience of more than 300 various Industrial Applications, manufactured &supplied more than 800 different types of Industrial burners, our large installed base of more than 2000 installations, and 42,000 MT LPG consumption per annum through our LPG storage systems, are testimonies to our long standing partnership with LPG industry.


Our Products

LPG Vaporisers

We specialize in the manufacturing LPG Vaporisers of various types and capacities according to the need of the customer. The LPG vaporizer is a cost efficient way of improvising the the LPG heating system.By installing a LPG vaporizer you reduce the running cost as well as save up immensely on gas expense.


Gas Burners

We at Liquigas believe that a burner requires much more than just burning of fuel, It calls for technical knowhow of a higher order. We understand that the burner is the single most important part of the combustion process and make sure to supply you with the best in class burners for your industry.

The company manufactures both Mono and Dual bloc burners according to the need of the customer. We have more than 800 installations and happy customers on the back of our burners.


Gas Trains

Any system using fuel gas as a source of energy requires proper gas control and safety system. The gas train supplied meets this requirement but gas control and firing sequence must be properly installed and operated to ensure safe and correct operation.

fuel gas by virtue of its property is highly inflammable and explosive. Leakage of gas into the combustion chamber is an event, which is very likely if gas train is not maintained as per good engineering practices. The leaked gas can explode with smallest ignition input, as observed in common household where gas lights up with tiny electric sparksefficiently.


Energy Audits

With a team of highly skilled and sharp engineers, it has enabled us to provide the client with energy audits. Here our engineers visit your facilities and do a thorough survey of all your energy requirements. They calculate how much energy is consumed, how much of it is wasted, where the fuel is consumed inefficiently and provide.


Gas Boiler

We are Liquigas India’s top brand, recognized as most incredible gas boiler manufacturers. We stand out amid all others as we are known for manufacturing world-class gas boilers and delivering impeccable services.


Gas Pipeline

Liquigas is one of the listed gas pipeline companies in India. Our recognition in the sector goes out to touch many other horizons and as well makes us a profound name in world, as much as our profound presence as the best and most reliable gas pipeline installation and manufacturers in India.