SLOT is a Portable / Mobile Installation, which can be easily shifted from one place to another with no damage, Wastage of Components and time.

Engineered by Most respected designers from IIT Mumbai and Leaders in Gas Engineering Company (M/S. Liquigas Power Pvt Ltd. Subsidiary of M/s. Kelvin Energy Solutions) having experience of more than 16 years in LPG Installations, Combustion Systems and Thermal Engineering.

SLOT also Meets Stringent Norms of IS 6044 Part I &II, OISD 162, Gas Cylinders Rules 2004, Oil Company Standard and International CE Rules & Regulations and also requires Less Foot Print Area compared with traditional LPG LOT System.

We are very keen to start and maintain the good long term business relationship with your esteemed organisation. We look forward to hear soon from your end positively.


 SLOT meets stringent norms of IS 6044 part I & II, OISD 162, Gas Cylinders Rules 2004, HPCL standard and International CE rules and Regulations.

 SLOT requires less foot print area compared with traditional LPG LOT system. Most suitable for commercial installation (hotels, hospitals & metro cities) where space is the major constrain for LPG installation.

 Manufactured in world class facility by skilled Welders, fitters, Engineers and technocrat’s which ensures high standard quality, 100% leak proof welding joints & excellent finishing. Welds produced are sound, uniform, ductile, corrosion, resistant & good impact value.

 Inbuilt PRS Station (1.2 kg/cm2) set pressure with all safeties and sensing lines.

 SLOT Systems reduces onsite erecting, installation and START UP time from 4 - 6 weeks to couple of days only.

 Enhances safety as leakage points are less compared LOT systems and SLOT become more reliable option.

 Hydro, pneumatic & LPG firing test run happens at factory itself to ensure smooth and immediate operation on site.

 No electrical power required at customers premises for welding, cutting, drilling. - Savings on power, Nitrogen cylinders and lodging and boarding expenses for customer. ( Savings of Approx. - Rs.40,000) No Possibility of short supply which is main caused behind delay LPG LOT project.

 Separate earth pit is not required for individual lot components or vaporizer.


 Emergency Cut-off system for entire SKID.

 LPG pressure safety valve - 15 bar

 Explosion Proof Design

 High water temperature cut off.

 Low water level control by magnetic level switch

 Water over flow control mechanism.

 Special Liquid LPG OVERFLOW cut off arrangements- PUREGAS

 Temperature and Level Gauges

 LPG Pressure Switch

 Inlet and outlet pressure gauges with isolation Valves

 Slam shut off valve

 Explosion proof type MCB arrangements for Vaporizer ON OFF

 Electric power lamp for the power on - off condition