450 kg LPG Cylinder

450 kg LPG Cylinder Installations

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is generic name for mixtures of hydrocarbon gases, mainly Propane and Butane. LPG is a clean burning and efficient fuel. It is a vital source of energy in the world today. It is a modern and safe fuel, providing heat and power to Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Customers. Since LPG is portable, it can be transported, stored and can be easily used for most of the application, will sufficient reserves to last for many decades.

Existing LPG supplies in India are majorly done through 19kg/33kg/47.5kg Commercial and Industrial LPG cylinders, when consumption is more than 20kg/hour quantity of the cylinders increases to a reasonable number and it creates safety as well handling issues. To overcome this, concept of 450kg SUMO cylinders have been introduced.

LPG though the most sophisticated and environmentally friendly fuel, is facing challenges with respect to availability of space for bulk installations and hence we have addressed it through the revolutionary concept of 450kg installations as the energy environment is getting complex we need to come up with innovative solutions to cater the industrial/commercial requirements.


  •  The 450kg installation conforms to IS6044 & OISD 162 and international CE Norms
  •  Requires the least space as compared to other traditional systems
  •  Relatively Less Footprint Area is required
  •  Less leakage pointsLess Hoses joints and easy handling compared to LOT, VOT and Bulk
  •  The 450kg installation is equipped with a multifunction valve and conforms to NFPA 58 requirements.
  •  Multifunctional value with both liquid and vapour withdrawal port
  •  Enhanced Safety
  •  Simple to Operate
  •  Allows for complete withdrawal of not only liquid but also vapour, thus minimizing the residual gas effect
  •  PESO Approved, No Licence required
  •  The capability of scaling up in case of higher production at your unit resulting in increased flow rate of LPG, with minimal changes to the system
  •  The LPG composition is constant thereby resulting in optional combustion performance
  •  Magnetic Level Gauge to indicate gas level of liquid LPG
  •  Inbuilt Excess Flow Check Valve
  •  Quick release coupling arrangement to enhance safety during changeover